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PLEASE NOTE: This is a pedal modification service! You are not buying a pedal, you are purchasing a mod service. After purchasing the mod through the store, we will send you an email which will include our shipping address for you to send your pedal to.  Please make sure your pedal is fully functional before sending it out!  After performing the mod/mods on your pedal, we will send it back to the shipping address you've provided, ready to play!

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Infinite Repeats Switch:

Hold this footswitch down after playing a note or chord and whatever delay setting you are on will behave as if the feedback knob is fully maximized. On some settings, this goes into increasingly loud delay oscillation, and on others it stays at a consistent volume while simply “holding” the repeats. 

Note: do not press the Infinite Repeats Switch with the Feedback control set to its minimum (fully counter-clockwise). This can cause issues with the potentiometer and may damage the pedal’s functionality. 


Instant Looper Switch:

Simply press this switch to instantly engage the DL4s looper mode regardless of what setting the mode selector is on. Go from your delay presets to the fabled DL4 Looper mode on the fly, with no more inconvenient reaching down to change modes. 


Double Preset Switch:

Say you really like two different knob settings for one of the delay types. Well now, you can save two different “variations” of the same delay mode presets that you have saved. An example of this would be having a Tape Echo preset for both a dark and a bright setting. Being able to access two variations of each of your three presets really unlocks the versatility of the DL4. 


Upgrade Stock Switches:

This mod, in my opinion, is one of the most essential things to have performed on your DL4. The stock switches have a horrible reputation, and are one of the most common reasons the pedal will stop working. To me, it doesn’t make sense to not upgrade this very obvious weak-link in the chain. The upgraded switches are high quality momentary stomp footswitches. These are a huge improvement over the stock switches and I believe they are one of the best investments when it comes to modifying your DL4!


Tap Tempo In/Out Jack:

This adds a 1/4” mono jack to the right side of the pedal that allows you to sync another delay off of the tap tempo switch on the DL4. The inverse of this works as well. So for instance, you can set the tempo on the DL4 and another delay pedal by tapping on the far right switch on the DL4 and you can set the tempo on the DL4 by plugging in a tap tempo pedal, or by tapping the tempo on another delay plugged into the added jack on the modified DL4. 


Output Volume-drop Fix:

The stock DL4 has quite a noticeable volume drop when plugged in, cutting lots of your guitar signal. This has plagued owners of the pedal for years. With some modifications to the output buffers on the circuit, the volume drop is fixed and the pedal operates perfectly, outputting normal guitar volume without tone degradation. 

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