Line 6 Refinishing and Aesthetic Mods

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Powder Coat Refinishing:

Arguably the most impressive change to the appearance of the Line 6 modeler pedal is the powder coated, refinished enclosure. It truly makes for a gorgeous, durable finish. The end result looks factory finished, and has a very candy-like glow. This process is not easy. The pedal must be disassembled completely, and the metal plates carefully removed. If also being modded, the enclosure will need to be drilled as well. Then it goes through a chemical stripping process to remove the original color. After that it is cleaned throughly, and prepped for powder coating. Once the new color is applied, the finish cures in an oven. While it cools, the metal plates are washed before being reapplied to the enclosure. This is a long process but I believe it is the best for producing the most professional looking re-finished Line 6 pedals.

*Don't see a color you like? Select "Custom Color" in the Powder Coating drop-down bar. I will email you to confirm your desired powder coat finish.*


Change LED Colors:

Another great visual change is swapping the cheap, diffused, red LEDs for high-quality water-clear LEDs. These come in white, pink, blue, green, red, yellow, and orange, but they are all clear when off.

*Should you want a different color (or a mixture of colors), please select “Other” in the LED drop-down bar and I will email you to confirm your desired LED colors.*


Change Knobs: 

The knobs can also be replaced with knobs of a different color to better match the refinished enclosure. Black knobs are also available if you’re just looking to swap out the original knobs for a fresh new set. 


PLEASE NOTE: This is a pedal modification service! You are not buying a pedal, you are purchasing a mod service. After purchasing the mod through the store, we will send you an email which will include our shipping address for you to send your pedal to.  Please make sure your pedal is fully functional before sending it out!  After performing the mod/mods on your pedal, we will send it back to the shipping address you've provided, ready to play!


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